Tools and features

Geared up for all kinds of jobs

Our Virtual Private Server deals are loaded with all the functions and tools that you need to run your media–heavy websites and web apps from a single location. Every single VPS package boasts a variety of Linux distributions, SSD storage, admin access and weekly offsite backups. You’ll get ensured CPU and RAM allowances for better data transfer speeds. In addition, you are going to get hold of a free Web Site Control Panel as an exclusive reward.

Virtual Server Control Panel

A 1–stop formula for handling your VPS

Each OpenVZ bundled VPS web server comes ready for you to work with. At signup, you will be able to select your Linux distribution (Debian, CentOS or Ubuntu) and you will, in addition obtain your personal pack of the SolusVM Panel or the Virtuozzo Power Panel. They are both effective admin interfaces, which can be used to restart your machine at any moment and provide extensive resource use information.

SSD disks

Strengthen your website’s effectiveness with our SSD–centered Virtual Private Servers

Each of the Virtual Private Servers supplied by Ks-cubed Hosting comes provided with SSDs instead of regular hard drives. Having solid–state disks on your virtual private server could be an awesome benefit for your web sites. SSDs offer superior reading/writing speeds and also enable quicker data file admittance. This in essence means that every little thing on your hosting server will get the job done a lot faster, including all of your web sites and web apps.

A Choice of Control Panel solutions

A variety of Control Panel solutions to decide on

We give you several Control Panel setups to choose between at registration. You can choose between the widely used cPanel, the more advanced DirectAdmin interface and our custom–developed Ks-cubed Hosting Control Panel, which is found in around ten different languages and is gratis for you. On the sign–up page, just go for your favoured Web Site Control Panel from the respective drop–down navigation menu and we’ll handle the installation for you on your hosting server.

Operating System choices

Select from Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian

We will offer you a collection of Linux distributions for your Virtual Private Server at sign–up. On the registration form, you could choose between these Operating System solutions – CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian. Only go for the one that you like and we’ll handle the installation for you.

Various data center locations

Choose a data center in the United States, the UK or Australia

The data center facility place is an essential criterion for enabling lightning–fast web page running connections. Because of this, we give you a selection of Data Centers – so that you can have all of your web pages and apps located as close to your targeted visitors as it can be. You can easily pick from a data center in USA in Chicago, a data center in United Kingdom close to London and an data center in Australia in the town center of Sydney. All these solutions are readily available on the signup page where you can easily consider your favourite Virtual Private Server installation.

Free bonus features

An absolutely free web address supplier profile, a help support & payment software pack and much more

Your virtual server is provided with a Linux OS of your choice and with a plenty of cost–free bonuses, allowing you to quite easily start and coordinate your web presence. You are going to find a gratis Web Site Control Panel, which is translated in as many as ten languages, a bonus dedicated IP address and a group of gratis software tools for your reseller hosting company – the ClientExec support and invoicing application and a domain names reseller account.